Burma's Junta Steps Up Attacks on Ethnic Rebels When fight broken out,the Karen people fled into jungle or Thai soil for peace. Burma’s Junta Steps Up Attacks on Ethnic RebelsBy Shah Paung April 10, 2007 Sai Lao Hseng , spokesperson of Shan State Army( South) Burma’s ethnic armed opposition groups say the Burma army’s 吳哥窟counterinsurgency campaign has increased its attacks since the beginning of April. Sai Lao Hseng, the spokesperson for the Shan State Army, said the group has fought more than 10 skirmishes with Burmese troops since April 2007. Clash points “Small clashes happen al 借貸l the time in Shan State,” Sai Lao Hseng said. “Since the beginning of the dry season, we have prepared for them. We are not a ceasefire group, so we always have to be ready to fight government troops.” The most recent clash, on Saturday in central Shan State near the villages of Ky 保濕面膜e-thi and Manli, involved SSA troops and the junta’s Battalion 131. A Burmese army major was reportedly killed and four others injured. In Karen State, fighting has broken out between the Karen National Union and the breakaway Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, which signed a ceasefire agreement with 酒店經紀the Burmese junta in 1995. DKBA troops The DKBA, Burmese soldiers and members of a recent splinter group known as the KNU/KNLA Peace Council launched an attack on the Karen National Liberation Army’s 101st and 24th battalions. Three KNLA camps—including the headquarters of Battalion 101—have been overrun and o 網路行銷ccupied by the joint junta-splinter group force, according to the head of Pa-an District in Karen State’s Brigade 7, just opposite the Thai village of Mae Ramat in Tak Province. KNLA troops “They have captured our bases, and our soldiers are now moving to other locations,” Col Paw Doh, head of Battalion 101, told The Irrawaddy 建築設計on Tuesday. “We don’t know how long this will last or when the situation will return to normal.” The attacks killed one KNLA soldier and wounded another, while on the junta side, one soldier was killed and four others were wounded.The Thai language daily newspaper Komchadleuk reported on Tuesday that Thailand’s 17th Regiment Infantry Task Fo 面膜rce is on alert near the border in Tak Province after as many as five mortar shells landed on Thai soil during the attacks. In response, Thai soldiers reportedly fired smoke shells to warn DKBA and KNU forces fighting across the border. Meanwhile, residents who fled the fighting have not been able to return to their homes. According to a recent field report from th 信用貸款e aid group Free Burma Rangers, nearly 130 families fled Brigade 7 for Thai soil, and that number is expected to increase. Refugees in the Mae La camp in Tak Province fear that junta and splinter group soldiers will attack the camp. Some have already begun packing their belongings, according to sources in Mae La, which is located near Mae Ramat. General Secretary Raymond 濾桶 Htoo of the Karenni National Progressive Party says that Karenni troops have also come under fire by junta soldiers on numerous occasions since the beginning of April. General Secretary Raymond Htoo of KNPP The latest attack occurred on Saturday near the Thai-Burmese border opposite Mae Hong Son. One Karenni soldier and three Burmese were wounded. http://www.irrawaddy.org/aviewer.asp?a=6938&z=163 面膜  .
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